Dubrovnik Port – Welcome Costa Diadema !

New Costa Cruises ship Costa Diadema or how they presented “Queen of Mediterranean” arrive today to Dubrovnik Port. Diadema is 306 meters long and 37 meters wide cruise ship with 132,500 gross tons of volume.

This Costa Crociere’s flagship is currently largest ship flying an Italian flag. Ship can accommodate up to 4.947 passengers in 1,845 passenger staterooms. It offers finest Italian lifestyle, entertainment, gastronomy and hospitality. We wish Captain Massimo Garbarino and his crew all the best on their future voyages.

Regal princess first call to port of Dubrovnik

New Princess Cruises ship Regal Princess arrive today for the first time to Port of Dubrovnik. Regal Princess is 330 meters long and 38.4 meters wide cruise ship with 142,229 gross tons of volume.

Ship can accommodate up to 3,560 passengers in 1,780 passenger cabins. Highlights of the Regal Princess also include an expansion pool deck that transforms at night into a stage for an elaborate water and light show and a working television studio/performance venue that seats 280 people. The Regal Princess will spend the summer in the Mediterranean before moving to the Caribbean for the winter. We wish Captain Edward Perrin and his crew all the best on their future voyages.

Dubrovnik Cruise Port history and tradition – P&O Arcadia

Dubrovnik Cruise Port
The Arcadia of 1954 was named after the 6,603 tons steamer of the same name which entered P&O service in 1888. Her name comes from the Greek ‘Arkadia’, a region of the Peloponnese, which as a place of simple pleasure and quiet, the ideal of rural felicity and pastoral simplicity. The Arcadia of Ancient Greece was often chosen as the background for pastoral poetry. The native of Arcadia was known to be the one who led a quiet and simple life. Arcadia was built by John Brown and Company of Clydebank at an estimated cost of £5 million, and launched on 14th May 1953 by Mrs D.F. Anderson, the wife of P&O’s Deputy Chairman. Arcadia’s gross tonnage was 29,871, 271ft long and 91ft breadth. Her single reduction turbines developing a maximum of 42,500 shaft horse power giving her a service speed of 22 knots. Arcadia sailed on her maiden voyage from the Tilbury Landing stage on 22nd February 1954, bound for Port Said, Aden, Bombay, Colombo, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney, arriving in Sydney on 27th March, and later returning to England by the same route. Immigrants to Australia filled the Tourist Section of the ship.


On 1 April 1959, Arcadia arrived at the Harland & Wolff shipyard for a major refit, during which, air conditioning was extended throughout the ship, and cabins and public rooms upgraded and refurbished. Leaving Belfast on 11th June, Arcadia made several cruises from Southampton before returning to Australia. During her Mediterranean cruise ship visit Naples, Lisbon and Dubrovnik Cruise Port which that time was par of Yugoslavia.On 22nd November 1959, Arcadia departed Sydney on her first cruise from an Australian port. On 29th January1979, Arcadia left Sydney for the last time heading for Manila, and on to Hong Kong. On 28th February ship arrive in Kaohsiung Taiwan where she was turned to a scrap metal. P&O shipping company named two more ships with same name and forth Arcadia is still visiting Dubrovnik Cruise Port now-days.

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Dubrovnik Family Tour Can Be Fun and Exciting

Dubrovnik Family Tour

Dubrovnik family tour can be fun and exciting. So if you are coming to Dubrovnik Port or you are still planning a trip to Dubrovnik with your family here are some tips to get the most out of it!

Dubrovnik family tour will give the kids an opportunity to explore and learn. Dubrovnik history have lot of interesting stories and places which will touch their imagination. It is really magical place. Various popular fiction movies were filmed here like Pippi Longstocking, Games of Thrones and Robin Hood.

Dubrovnik Family Tour

This are places we recommend you to visit on your tour:

  • Dubrovnik City Walls: Walls are the main attraction of Dubrovnik. Views are astonish and that is best place to hear Dubrovnik Story. It is important to take hats and water especially during summer season from 11:00 AM to 15:00PM. Lot of stairs can be too hard for small children and old people, but there is option to walk only half of the walls. It is not recommendable to go on walls if someone is afraid of heights.
  • Maritime Museum & Dubrovnik Aquarium: both are situated in St John Fort in Dubrovnik Old Port.  In maritime museum you can learn about shipbuilding and sea trade from its very start to the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and World war 2. Dubrovnik Aquarium in the fortress is a unique ambient for visitors who like to enjoy Adriatic fauna. This is short journey through Adriatic sea.
  • Small park near Pile City Gates: there is small park in Pile area with swing’s  and seesaw’s for young kids.

Dubrovnik Family Tour – Private Tours

Most of families like to go ashore together, so the best option are private tours.  With private tour you can easily get away from the crowds. Young kids are usually slow and it is much easier if you have your own tour guide.

Booking tip for Budget Travel

Dubrovnik private tours are best option for families according to budget!  Prices per tour and not per person are usually best buy. So important tip during booking allays notice that you are family with kids !

To book local Dubrovnik private tours you can visit “Dubrovnik Tours Catalogue 2017“.

Dubrovnik Cruise Port – Welcome Mein Schiff III

New TUI Cruises ship Mein Schiff 3 arrive today for the first time to Dubrovnik Cruise Port. Mein Schiff 3 is 294 meters long and 36 meters wide cruise ship with 99,300 gross tons of volume.

Ship can accommodate up to 2,700 passengers in 1,253 passenger cabins. Guests can enjoy swimming in the 25-metre pool, open-air sport, a cocktail under the stars or floating above the ocean on a glass balcony.
The ship has 11 restaurants and bistros, 12 bars and lounges, a shopping area and even a concert hall. We wish Captain Kjell Holm and his crew welcome to Dubrovnik Cruise Port and all the best on their future voyages.

Dubrovnik Private Tours: A Great Option for Budget Travel

Dubrovnik Private Tours

Dubrovnik Private Tours became very popular and they usually represents highlight of whole cruise trip. Experienced Dubrovnik Cruise Port visitors; couples and families, small groups rather chose this type of tours than big group tours.

There are many reasons why visitors book they own private tours. Here are the most usual. People dont want to be a no name member of the crowd tour surrounded by strangers because they like more personal approach. Also they like to have they own personal local guide and ask him questions which is almost impossible on big bus tours. They like tour flexibility and last minute adjustments of tour. Private tours are especially suitable for older people and families with young children which like more relaxed and slower tour. Also families with children and couples often want to experience they unique tour together.


Nowadays after passing strong recession times people take care not to exceed their budget for the trip. But than again they want to fully experience beautiful places there are visiting maybe only once in their life time. To meet this two requirements you need to book your private tour with local company !

The most popular local Dubrovnik Private Tours by cruise passengers are:

  • Dubrovnik City Tour: this tour is base of all Dubrovnik Tours. Visit of Dubrovnik main attraction “Old City” with local guide is great learn and explore memorable experience.
  • Dubrovnik City and Panorama Tour: Dubrovnik panorama  is one of the most beautiful and famous city panoramas. In combination with City Tour tour it is both interesting and relaxing tour. Whole tour is great photo opportunity.
  • Dubrovnik Cruise Tour: it consist of City Tour, Dubrovnik Panorama and Cavtat tour. This tour is great opportunity to see life in the city but also outside Dubrovnik. According the time which visitors usually have during Dubrovnik Port visit this is the best balanced tour.
  • Pelješac wine and oysters Tour: This is tour for wine lovers. It is all about wine and seafood. Visit of Dubrovnik is optional.
  • Jewish Dubrovnik Tours: This tours are suitable for the people interested in history of Dubrovnik Old Town and Jewish community inside city walls. Dubrovnik Synagogue is the second oldest synagogue in Europe which is still in use today.
  • Game of Thrones Shore Tour: This tours is suitable for the people interested in Dubrovnik who are also GoT fans. This is unique way to explore Dubrovnik and same time King’s Landing the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

To see more local private tours you can visit “Dubrovnik Tours Catalogue 2016“.

Tips for local tour booking

– During tour booking process it is recommended to mention your special personal interest’s if some.
– Always wait for tour booking confirmation.
– Book your tour on time especially if you are coming during summer season.

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